You must schedule a consultation before getting extensions. For all Pricing inquiries call our salon or book a consultation.

Lux Lox Salon offers a variety of hair extension brands and methods so that we can accommodate every client’s individual hair type and texture. We specialize in 4 methods of extensions. Our stylist are trained by the companies we are certified to know the correct installation, maintenance, and removal methods. We pride ourselves on  perfected placement of the hair extensions. We include a shaping haircut for your hair and the extensions once they are installed to ensure a seamless blend. Whether you are looking to fill in thin spots, get volume or fullness, or luxurious length, we are here for all hair extension needs. We use only the best hair on the market, Bellami Professional for our hair extensions.

Tape in extensions:

The fastest, easiest, and most seamless hair extensions on the market today! In under 1.5 hours, you can have longer, thicker, gorgeous hair! By utilizing two pieces of hair with a strong adhesive, I am able to “sandwich” a thin slice of your hair between the two pieces for a virtually undetected hair extension! They are installed and then maintenance after 6-8 weeks of wear, in which we remove all extensions and place them back in at the root of the hair. The Tape in extension hair itself usually lasts 6-8 months.

I-Tip (Microcylinder) Extensions:

We also specialize in what would be called a cold-fusion hair extension method. There is no heat involved or any tape or glue residue in installing these hair extensions. When applying these hair extensions, all you have in your hair is an aluminum micro-cylinder which is attached to strand of your natural hair, and adds an individual strand of extension hair; you clamp the cylinder flat, and your done! There is no bad side affects, no hair loss, no glues, no mess. Most hair extension methods can take 3-6 hours to apply, but this cold-fusion method takes no longer than 2 hours on most heads of hair.  They are moved back up to the scalp every 4-6 weeks. The hair can last up to a year with good care, and maintenance is very low. The Microcylinder hair itself usually lasts 12 months with good care.

The benefits of this microcylinder method include:

-You can order multiple colors for highlighted hair
-No heat, No glue, No sewing, No braiding, No mess, No Damage To Natural Hair!
-Hair you only dream of is quickly and easily installed in as little as 2 hours!
-Quickly and easily removed in as little as 1/2 hour!
-They lay flat against your scalp so there is no detection or lumpiness. Provides most natural look!
-100% natural looking technique is great for texture, fullness and length.
-Great for highlights and/or low lights lights or bright colored peek a boos without the chemical processing!

K-tip extensions:

For those who have fine or fragile hair, wanting length and thickness. This method is a ONE time use method, and can be worn 3-4 months with no maintenance. Keratin tips are installed by a strand by strand method, heating the special keratin bond with our heating tool, then shaping the bond to the hair and allowing it to cool and harden to its new shape attached to your hair.

Beaded Weft extensions:

This method is great for those who have some length on their hair, but are really looking for more volume and some length. Installed using micro beads and sewing the weft to the hair, it requires no heat or tape.

 What our clients say about our hair extensions on yelp!

 “Seriously knows what she's doing. SAVED me. If you want a very quick and knowledgeable hair stylist, look no further. Save your time and money, start at Lux Lox!”

 “If you are looking for someone who specializes in affordable hair extensions, go see Asia! She is the best at extensions and color! You will not be disappointed in her talent!”

 “Asia's best skills are coloring and extensions.I love getting extensions as well - it's not exorbitantly expensive or time consuming with the product line she uses.  Asia also does not have a fixation on cutting off as much hair as she can - she's a long hair stylist and kind to grow-outs.  “

 “I have had my extensions for a year now and my hair has grown so much and is a lot healthier. I don't think I can live without the fullness. They look natural!”