Asia Longoria began her career in hair in Temecula, Ca in 2007. She worked in a high end salon, as an assistant to several of their most successful stylists. After she had enough experience in the salon and had developed her own clientele, she moved into Old Town Temecula. At a French inspired boutique Salon she continued to build her business and incorporated her signature service, Hair Extensions. By 2010 she was ready to take her business to the next level. With a wealth of experience and a firsthand education on the hair industry, Asia was able to bring her artistry alongside her husbands business management skills decided to start their own business. After plenty of research they discovered Sola Salon Studio’s, a company that provides customized studio space to stylists looking to start and grow their own business. From that point forward, “Hair by Asia” was born and the salon was opened in November 2011.

By November of 2013, the business was growing and the small studio suite was no longer a fit. Asia moved into a large studio suite inside the newly expanded Sola Salon and was able to add another chair to service her clients better. With the new suite also came the salon name change to “Lux Lox Salon.” She needed a name that represented her, but also allows for expansion in the future. Luxurious hair, along with a luxurious experience and using luxurious products, is what “Lux Lox” represents.

By 2014 Asia was booked and decided it was time to hire an assistant to better accommodate her clients. By having an assistant, it allows Asia to see more of her clients, but not make them feel rushed or crowded at the same time. Just as Asia was once an assistant, she views the position as more of an apprenticeship, training them with the techniques she has studied to become an independent stylist within the salon. Lux Lox is a growing, up and coming salon within the valley who prides itself in having reputable professionally trained stylists available to service new and returning clients. in 2015 lux lox salon expanded once again into a double suite to accommodate its growth. in 2017, asia and donnie decided it was time to move from the salon suites into our own brick and mortar salon. after a long vigorous hunt, they found the perfect location. over the summer of 2017 construction and remodeling took place, and in august the new location for lux lox salon was finally opened.